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Joining Hands for...

The people of Isolo were greeted
with a green atmosphere on the wake of

GREEN VALENTINE </br>Joining Hands for...
WeSeparateWaste Team
Day Out With LEGACY

Under the auspices of WeSepareteWaste,
a Retink Media Project, 25 students from ...

WeSeparateWaste Team </br>Day Out With LEGACY

What We Do

Waste Sorting

Demonstrating to the students and its communities proper waste management methods for recycling

Recycle Art Design Projects

Creatively engaging student’s minds in reusing waste materials generated to beautify their classrooms, homes etc

Green Business Profiling

Companies and businesses focused on creating impact on the environment are featured on our article and video sections

What We <span>Do</span>

Waste to Wealth Workshop

This is an entrepreneurship initiative on how students can generate wealth from waste

Public Sensitization & Community Clean-up

This involves cleaning up nearby communities around the school and giving information on proper waste management methods

Waste Rescue Club

Waste management and climate change awareness club for students interested in knowing more about their environment

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